The 6pm Series #4: How to leverage influencers without breaking the bank.

The 6pm Series #4: How to leverage influencers without breaking the bank.


Influencers are something we get asked about on a daily basis. What do influencers actually DO? Should I use them for my business? How much does it cost? Do they work? Who do I choose? What do I say to them?!

Oh, trust us. We know. We use influencers for our business, and we use them for our clients all the time. But, it’s taken us a good few years to learn the in’s and out’s of the influencer business, and how to wheel an effective deal (read: one that works for both parties).

So join us for a glass of bubbles, some cheese and a great session on how to use social media influencers the right way for your small business, without breaking the bank.

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When: Monday, 27th August.
Where: General Assembly, 12a/45 William St, Melbourne VIC 3000
From: 6.00pm - 8.00pm

A few years back, Instagram tried to buy Snapchat… for $3 billion. They said no, and Instagram promptly recreated Snapchat’s biggest feature - instant, fleeting images and video - for themselves. That in itself might not sound overly impressive, but when you consider that Snapchat’s net worth is now sitting around the $1.3 billion mark, is no mean feat.

What does that mean for small businesses though? Well, firstly it means that there’s a new Instagram feature on the block - and when Instagram launches a new feature, the more you use it, the more visibility you get on your own posts. In short, Instagram rewards you.

So in our latest 6pm Series, we’ll go through the do’s and don’ts of Instagram Stories, with a step by step walkthrough of all the features, and plenty of time allocated to practising! We’ll teach you how to upload images, video, boomerangs, slow-motion clips, sequences and a few handy apps to make it all easier. 


  • The different types of stories you can upload (image, video, live stream)
  • The different styles used by people who are (really) good at Stories. 
  • How to upload your own images and video to Instagram Stories.
  • How to repost other Instagram Stories.
  • How to use all the features of Stories, like drawing, text, eraser and colour blocking.
  • How to optimise your Instagram Stories to reach a maximum amount of people!