Ongoing Support Package

Ongoing Support Package


Stay supported and motivated post-workshop for six whole months with our tailor made Social Media Support Package. ⚡️

If you need to read back over the details just head here

Remember, we can cover any of the following (plus anything you want to talk over);
* Post writing - what to write, how, when, why. 
* Planning + reviewing any social media posts.
* Troubleshooting tricky social media questions.
* Guiding you through social media advertising.
* Creating social mood boards and style guides.
* Creating social media goals to keep you on track. 
* Help you better understand your social analytics.
* Community management strategies.
* Ensuring you're turning followers into sales.
* Email marketing and strategies.
* Website questions and social media integration.

Or, send us an email if you have any questions at all.

Get Support!