Both Workshops: Strategy & Content + Advertising & Sales (Instalments)

Both Workshops: Strategy & Content + Advertising & Sales (Instalments)

174.50 every 2 weeks for 8 weeks

How great is paying in instalments?! We swear, it’s the modern way to pay.

This ticket is for BOTH our Strategy & Content AND Advertising & Sales Workshops.

What’s the deal?
4 x fortnightly payments of $174.50

It’s really simple - just enter your details as you normally would, and each fortnight the above amount will be debited from your account. No extra fees, no dramas, nothing (except a space in BOTH of our workshops of course!)

How do I do it?
Just pick your place and date of the first workshop from the drop down menu below, and hit ‘subscribe’ - voila. You’re in!

Got questions?
Send them here.

Wait, what are these workshops actually about?
Ah, you’ve come here the long way ‘round. No problems - head here to find our main ticketing page, and click your location for more specific details. Off you go!

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