Burleigh Heads: Advertising + Sales, 10th July

Burleigh Heads: Advertising + Sales, 10th July

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We were trying to find an excuse to spend more time on the Burleigh Heads, so we said ‘what the heck’, let’s stay longer and equip these small businesses with an additional dose of social media savvy by teaching them about Facebook + Instagram ads.

We’re running this class the day after our original social media for small biz workshop, but we’re only offering six spots. This is so you get plenty of time to absorb all the awesome info we’ll teach you about terms like ‘ad campaigns’, ‘purchase funnel’ and ‘analytics’, plus you’ll have plenty of one-on-one time with us. Also, an amazing lunch spread is included.

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Standard Ticket: $349
Double Pass: $628 (save 10%)

*Most classes are limited to 6 attendees

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The Details:

When: Wednesday 10th of July

Where: McDonald House: Level 1, Office 3, 37 Connor St, Burleigh Heads.

Time: 9:30am - 1:30pm + Q&A, bubbles and chats.

Read more about us here, and about Grace, your host; here.

Here’s what we run through:

  • Set up of Facebook Business Manager with payment methods, permissions and structure

  • Your business goals, because they equal certain ad objectives

  • The purchase funnel and how it relates to the ad objective

  • Choosing the type of ad based on your business goals and your purchase funnel

  • The different types of ad objectives, what they do and when to use each of them

  • Creating and saving target audiences for your ideal customer

  • How retargeting works and how to set up the Facebook pixel

  • Creating lookalike audiences

  • Structuring your ads into campaigns, ad sets and ad

  • Understanding the copy and image requirements for each ad

  • Measuring your ads and analysing what’s working (and how to troubleshoot if they’re not)

  • Setting up the ads dashboard so you’re not overwhelmed with numbers

  • A big hands-on creative session of making 1 x ad for each of our funnel requirements

Here’s what some of our previous workshop attendees have said;

Detailed workshop description

As with all of our workshops, we start the day with a coffee or an OJ and we get to know a little bit about each other, which is mostly for our benefit so we can give you personalised advice to suit your business throughout the day. The more we know, the more we can help!

Once we’re settled, the first thing we’ll do is make sure your Facebook Business Manager is set up correctly, and your payment methods, permissions and structure are all working properly.

Next, we’ll spend some time working on your business goals. Why? They feed directly into your reason for a) attending the workshop and b) spending money with social media advertising. We want to make absolutely sure that your business goals line up directly with your goals for your social media advertising. Eg; do you need more foot traffic to your store? We’ll use local area awareness ads for you. Or, do you need more online sales of your product? We’ll make sure we’re using conversion ads so the purchase intent is already there for your customer.

It’s all about ensuring you’re making the most of every dollar you spend.

The purchase funnel comes next, which is the simplest way of working out which of the 10+ ad options are best for your business and at what time. Then, we kick on to outline exactly what those 10+ ad options are, what they do and how they work.

Once we’re clear on each ad type, we’ll dive headfirst into fleshing out your target audience with Audience Insights, where we’ll create and save 3 x different target audiences for you to use ongoing (trust us, this is a huge time saver).

At some point here we’ll break to eat lunch, because brain food is always necessary!

Then, we’ll keep on going with some information on retargeting, the Facebook Pixel and how to create custom and lookalike audiences based on people who you already know are interacting with your business (like web visitors, people on your email list or people who already like your page).

Now this is our chance to dive deep into the creative side of things: captions, imagery and placements. It’s the fun part, and if you want to get ahead come equipped with a few great images you know represent your business well. This will be one big old brainstorming and creative session, where we’ll help each of you 1:1 until we’re satisfied that you’ve got each ad objective and creative under control.

Finally, we’ll turn our attention to the numbers side of things. We’ll break down what each result means, which ones you need to worry about and which ones you shouldn’t. We’ll even help you customise the dashboard so you only see the numbers you need.

Then to celebrate – a glass of bubbly! You’ve just increased your chances of making far more revenue overall!

If you have any questions at all, just get in touch with us here.