Social Media Account Review

Social Media Account Review

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Sometimes it's hard to know how your Instagram is shaping up next to your competitors, or what your audience thinks of your Facebook page. 

To help you figure it out, we’ve set up a mini-strategy review service so you can have us audit your accounts and make sure you’re on the right track.

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Here's how it works:

1. Purchase the Social Media Account Review package, and choose how many accounts you'd like audited.

2. Make sure you include your contact details, because the first thing we'll do is get in touch to chat about where you're at with your social media and what you're struggling with.

3. We'll then go away and create an appraisal of your social media account/s, including:

  • An assessment of each account; are you posting enough? Are you optimising to the best of your ability? Is your target audience engaging? Have you got your account set-up so that customers can easily purchase from you? Are you utilising each platform to the best of its ability? Are your captions too long, or too short? Are you interesting enough? 
  • We'll dot-point the things you're doing well, and the areas you can improve - and how. 
  • We'll take a look at your current content and recommend 4 x additional types of content you could be leveraging to gain more engagement and appeal to your target audience. 
  • Plus we include an information pack that has information on what times you should be posting to reach your target audience, and how to read Instagram’s new analytics.
  • AND we'll send you away with a prioritised to-do list covering all the above, so you can implement changes straight away and start winning customers with your social media!

Each appraisal takes around 7-10 business days to complete, and we'll send you a beautifully designed PDF booklet with all the information you've requested, plus some extra tips and tricks from our workshops to help you on your way.