1:1 Coaching: 2-Hour Alignment

1:1 Coaching: 2-Hour Alignment


Spend 120 minutes with us deep diving into your pre-prepared custom social media strategy and leave feeling completely empowered to reinvigorate your social media with fresh content, new ideas and optimisation techniques to get those eyeballs on your profile and those fingers tapping ‘add to cart!’

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Get personalised strategy advice with our one-on-one coaching packages, available in one, three or six session packs.

Why are we offering this service?

Well, you’ll know by now that social media is ever-changing and our #1 priority is to make sure your small business social media is helping grow you awareness, followers and sales. We also know that it’s 100% easier to get a task done with a little accountability and support.

Our social media coaching package offers just that, for those of you who are more comfortable in a one-on-one environment.

All the support and encouragement you’ll ever need (and some very handy discounts).

1. A custom, pre-prepared social media strategy that we work through together.
2. Social media coaching session/s in person or via Zoom.
3. Continual support over email or phone.
4. 30% discount on any workshop ticket (Tickets valued at $350.00)
5. 10% discount on our soon to be launched Social School Camp (Tickets valued at $2,800)
6. Access to the online course (Valued at $147.00)
7. Access to the entire resource library (as of 15th May 2019) (Valued at $578.00)
8. Access to a closed Q&A Group for any queries
9. Access to our workbooks, templates, downloads and step-by-step instructions anytime.
10. Monthly news straight from our inbox to yours, full of the latest social news, tips and how-to’s.