Printable Social Media Planner: July 2018

Printable Social Media Planner: July 2018


It’s here! Our printable Social Media Planner is now available for those of you who just have to get ideas down with a pen and paper.. no matter how digi-savvy you are! Our July Planner has everything you need to organise your social media content a month in advance, as well as a benchmarking guide, weekly to-do’s and daily content outlines.

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If there's one key thing that will make your life easier when it comes to running a social media account for your small business, it's planning. Knowing what's coming up in advance so you can find images, get prepared and avoid that dreaded 'Oh no, I need to post today and I have no idea what to put up!' Our planner is designed to give you a tangible way to get your planning done, in a strategic and guided way. And, let's be honest, sometimes it's just easier to have a pen and a bit of paper in front of you to let your social media plan flow. 

The first page is designed to give you an overview of what's coming up for the month; what your aims are, what you want to achieve and has a place to record some analytics from last month to benchmark moving forward so you can see your progress! 

Up next is a month-long calendar so you can put in any special dates you need to remember, like sales, public holidays, opening hours, new stock coming in, new services, blog posts and anything else you need to record.

From there, you've got 4 x pages (one for each week) to get into the nitty gritty of your planning and work out what's going out every single day. Got a competition you want to run next Friday? Put it in! Know you've got a certain type of stock in every Monday? Make a note of it so you can post about it that day. Know you need a photo of that certain thing for Friday in two weeks? With a monthly and weekly planner, you'll give yourself time to get images, write a caption and get it live without stress and hassle.

The aim is for you to sit back, think, and plan so you're not scrambling for ideas and you're saving time knowing what's coming up - which makes for a better social media presence and a calmer approach toward your small business marketing.