D.I.Y Social Media Strategy Workbook

D.I.Y Social Media Strategy Workbook


Yes, you read that correctly! For the first time, we've released a D.I.Y social media strategy workbook, similar to what we present in our workshops, for a fraction of the price.

Why? Because we know that small business owners are always on the clock, and can't take a day off to come to our workshops. And, not everyone learns in the same way, or at the same pace - so here it is. Your one stop shop to social media mastery, all in one pretty package.

What's included? 46 pages of social media tips, tricks and information (it's dense!) plus handy pointers on how to have an uncomplicated small business social media presence.

More? Okay sure! Well, you'll also learn:

+ Which channels you need (and which ones are totally useless). 
+ How to profile your ideal customer so you always know who you’re talking to.
+ How to talk to your audience in a voice that they’ll listen to.
+ All the different types of content, and when to post them. 
+ Tools to make your life much easier, like scheduling and graphic design apps. 
+ How to build a hashtag library.
+ How to grow your following by 500+ a week.
+ How to deal with feedback (good and bad!)
+ The tips and tricks to make the most of Facebook’s and Instagram’s different algorithms.
+ How to read your analytics and set some goals.

Grab my copy now!