Social Media Workshop Outline


Here's what we cover in a typical social media training day

(Read this if you like 'short and sharp')

We’ll teach you:
+ How to align your small business social media goals with your long and short-term small business needs. 
+ Which social media channels you need (and which ones are totally useless). 
+ How to profile your ideal customer so you always know who you’re talking to.
+ How to talk to your audience in a voice that they’ll listen to.
+ What content to post for your brand, and when. This one’s a BIG brainstorming session. 
+ Tools to make your life much easier, like scheduling and graphic design apps. 
+ How to build a hashtag library.
+ How to grow your social media following by 500+ a week.
+ How to deal with feedback (good and bad!)
+ The tips and tricks to make the most of Facebook’s and Instagram’s different algorithms.
+ How to run scroll-stopping social media competitions. 
+ How to read your social analytics and set some goals.

Take home:
+ A 5-star 50+ page workbook packed with lots of background information, tips and tricks.
+ A belly full of delicious food, drink and nibbles.
+ A phonebook full of new friends and business contacts.
+ A head filled with actionable ways to grow your small business with social media!

(Read this if you're a 'details' person).  

We’ll kick off the social media training day with the necessary start of day beverages; coffee and orange juice! Then we get down to business and explain how we’ll run through the workshop and what you can expect throughout the day. 

We always start with introductions (don’t freak out, we go first!) so all our attendees can get to know each other, and we can find out what kinds of businesses you run or work for. This part is super helpful for us, because we tailor our advice to each business throughout the day.

Next up, we’re talking the difference between ‘Information’ and ‘Inspiration’ channels, and which ones you need for your business. Here we’ll talk about Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. 

Then, we roll into Facebook, where we give you a bit of history around the channel and insights into how it works. We’ll also hit you with some mind-bending statistics for your target audience, and we’ll do a Facebook audit for your page to make sure it’s set up correctly and everything’s working the way it should. 

Next up is our *fave* platform, Instagram! Most of our workshop attendees are really focussed on Instagram for their small businesses and we love blowing their minds with some more fun statistics around Instagram usage. We’ll do an audit here too.

{Coffee break!}

So that’s it for the introduction phase, now we move onto you and your business goals, objectives and how you can turn those objectives into actionable steps (and we’ve got a nice A3 poster for you to pop up on your wall!)

Before we get deep into content, we need to show you how to read your current analytics and set some benchmarks so you can smash your goals later on. 

Then we’ll do some target audience work; who is your ideal customer, where do they go for information and so on. Plus, we’ll tell you how to talk to them, aka: write your captions so that they’re actually listening to what you say. 

{Lunch! Food! Brain fuel! Yes.}

Next up is the biggest, chunkiest part of the whole social media workshop: content! We’ll teach you what content pillars are important for your business, how to brainstorm a heap of content ideas, where to find the content, what content is trending, how to organise all your photos and captions, which scheduling tools work best and so, so much more. 

After we’ve brainstormed all of the content, it’s time to learn how to make that social media content work really damn hard for your business (and make sure your customers are seeing what you’re putting out there), and then we’ll build your hashtag library together. 

If that isn’t mind-blowing enough, we’ll then help you understand ways you can engage your target audience on both Instagram and Facebook, buy getting them to like, engage and share your content with their followers and friends. 

{And because you’ve earned it, we’ll pause for some cheese, nibbles and bubbles.}

Now we’re on the home stretch, we’ll talk about how to run a scroll-stopping social competition, and how to measure what success looks like for your brand across all your digital channels.

We’ll finish up with a light and interactive summary and then point you in the direction of some extra resources, readings, podcasts and webinars to keep you on track to smash your small business social media goals.

Sounds good, right?