For us, the beauty of Instagram stories lies in the flexibility of content options. Find out how to use stories with out how-to guide below.

Since the Instagram stories upgrade, small businesses have taken full advantage of the benefits of real-time, short-term marketing, and overall - are having a bit more fun with their Instagram accounts.

There's more room for experimenting with less polished content, (as opposed to the Instagram feed, when visuals need to be higher quality), and you have an extra chance to engage your audience - giving them an additional opportunity to see your content. 

You can take images on the spot, upload images, use a boomerang, a time-lapse, a regular video or a series of images to create your story.

Plus, you can create polls, use GIFS and generally have a whole lot of fun!

Want a step-by-step guide on how to create Instagram stories? Well, here's one we prepared earlier.. just enter your email address for access and you'll be Insta-story'ing in no time! 

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