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Want to use social media quickly, efficiently and without feeling overwhelmed?

We help small businesses create customer-friendly social media pages with our series of workshops, resources and 1:1 coaching.


1. Our flagship Social Media class.

Social Media for Small Business can be overwhelming and take a huge chunk of time from your day; so we’re here to debunk all the myths to get you feeling organised, in control and confident in social media land so you can increase awareness and sales of your product or service. This workshop runs from 9:30am-3:30pm and includes a delicious lunch and bubbles to end the day. It’s suitable for beginners through to those who have had a little bit of social media experience.

2. Upgrade and learn more.

Our Social Media Advertising for Small Business Workshop is designed as the next step up for those who have taken our Social Media for Small Business full-day class. It’s where you’ll dive even deeper into your social media, and work out how to turn $20 in advertising spend into much more. We’ll go over everything from how to promote a post, to targeting your ideal audience and more. This workshop runs from 9:30am-1:30pm, usually the day after our SMSB class.

3. Book some serious 1:1 time.

For those who want us all to themselves for targeted and tailored strategy and focus, the 1:1 coaching is the way to go. We’ll work out how you can take your social media to a new level for your small business, and ensure that you’ve got some actionable steps to increase your following, enquiries and sales via your various social media channels. Your options for 1:1 coaching are varied, and you can even opt to have one hour/month over 6 months if you want a long-term plan.

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Our purpose is to help you take control of your small business' social media with full-day workshops.

We want you to find clarity, confidence and a clear plan to take your social media in hand, and execute the strategy we build together, stress-free. We teach you to be strategic, not reactive, and to plan with foresight and purpose.


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