Organising your content
with planoly

There are hundreds of apps out there that will offer Instagram planning and scheduling services, but the one we use is called PLANOLY (cue: download on your phone's app store). It's highly visual, easy to use and has a desktop version which makes life even easier. You can search for other user content, and even schedule in your Instagram stories. 

But the BEST thing? Recently they
released a feature that allows you to AUTO-POST. 

**Incase you can't read our CAPS excitement, 
this is A GAME CHANGER.**

It basically means now, you can plan your
content and forget about it.. sort of. 

Sign up for Planoly here.

Want a step-by-step guide on how to use Planoly to plan your content? Well, here's one we prepared earlier (with LOTS of screenshots).. just enter your email address for access and you'll be planning up a storm!