Wondering where Grace's experience comes from? Read on.. 

Social Media Content Clients

Andrew McConnell Restaurants (all)

Baker D. Chirico

We Are The Sorority

Australian Blueberries (with littleBIG Marketing & PR)

Winemakers of Rutherglen (with littleBIG Marketing & PR)

Picabooki (with littleBIG Marketing & PR)

Portobello (with littleBIG Marketing & PR)

Finch and Lane (with littleBIG Marketing & PR)

Cat Protection Society of Victoria (with littleBIG Marketing & PR)

Dresden (with littleBIG Marketing & PR)

Mother Daughter

Big Love Interiors

Laurastar Australia

Tuckbox Design

Bottle of Milk Lorne

Bottle of Milk Torquay

Pizza Pizza

Rita's Cafeteria

Smäk Foodhouse

Torquay Orange (with littleBIG Marketing & PR)

Leroys (with littleBIG Marketing & PR)


Square One Coffee Roasters

Top Paddock

The Kettle Black


Copywriting & Social Media Clients

Freedom Foods






Hotel Club

Sheridan Australia

Mother Daughter

SMAK FoodHouse

Moments Condoms


Copywriting Clients

Freedom Foods (all web copy and Good Karma Index campaign copy)

PurpleMonkey Weddings (web copy)

BIG LOVE Interiors (all web copy)

Mother Daughter (all web copy)


Editorial Roles

AnalogFolk Australia (Writer & Creative)

The Works Sydney (Social Media Writer & Strategist)

Pedestrian.tv (Staff Writer)

Fonda Mexican (Marketing & Social Media)

Bride Australia Magazine (Editorial Intern)

Content and Social Media Manager, Andrew McConnell Restaurants (currently)

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