Frequently Asked Questions

Got a niggly little question about our workshops or services? No dramas. Have a scroll and see if you can find the answer below, and if not - just send us an email or a Facebook message and we’ll get right on it! Voila.


Who are we? What do we do?!

We’re The Social School: we help small businesses understand the social sphere and create customer-friendly social media pages with our series of workshops, resources and 1:1 coaching. Our Founder, Grace Dorman has nearly ten years of social media experience with both large and small brands and wanted to create a training school where smaller businesses (who don’t often have the budget to outsource) can come and learn how to get a handle on their social media without breaking the bank (and brain).


What do I get out of a social media workshop with The Social School?

Tonnes. Stacks. HEAPS OF GREAT STUFF. So good, in fact, that we sell out quick smart. Yep, we’re tooting our own horn, nope we’re not joking we’re 100% serious (in the coolest, most funnest way) – our workshops have great reviews because we pack in so many tips, tricks and actionable info in a fun and easy-to-understand way. We guarantee you an in-depth, personalised and hands-on learning experience. We give you a free 5-star workbook brimming with resources to take home. And we put out the most delectable spread of food, nibbles and bubbly, because YUM!


It sounds REALLY cool, BUT is this workshop right for me if I don’t run a small business / if I work in the government or not-for-profit sector / if I already work in marketing / if I’m a total beginner?

Yes to all the above!

Don’t run a small business? All good! Grace has over ten years experience working with big brands (and HUGE ones), so if you’re bigger than a small business we’ve got corporate and group coaching sessions that we’re able to tailor specifically to your business. Get in touch and we can talk about your exact needs.

Work in the government or not-for-profit sector? We have a NFP discount policy and reserve a spot in every one of our workshops for a NFP or community organisation. Get in touch for more information!

If you already work in marketing, listen up: we’ll say it once, we’ll say it a million times – social media is ever-changing. As a marketer, it’s paramount that you stay on top of the latest trends so that you can add the best possible value to the content strategies you present and the content you create for your clients.

Total beginners, welcome to the social media fold! We welcome you with open, loving arms. We will set you up and get you started and get you learning in no time!


How many spots do you offer? Is this workshop going to be packed out?

We’re not just about quantity of info, we’re about quality; that’s why we limit our workshops to just 12 people – occasionally more if it’s a bigger space, but we’ll post that on our tickets page if it happens! – to ensure you get an in-depth, personalised and hands-on learning experience. This means you’ll have plenty of time to chat to us directly during the workshop and we’ll help you through each section step by step.

Given that our workshops sell out nearly every time, it’s tempting to open up more spaces - but we know at the end of the day, we’re better teachers and you’re better students when we limit the capacity of each training day. Simple.


What kind of cost are we talking here?

Full-day workshops tickets start from $349.00

Our online course is $147.00


Ooh, that’s more than I’ve seen these type of events priced at, why?

You know what? We’re glad you asked. We field this question quite a bit. We’re a small business (most likely, as are you) and we need to cover certain costs to break even, then we need to add a little more on top of that to keep growing the business.

We made a point a while ago to only host workshops in nice locations. Why? Because conference rooms are dull, and we don’t know about you - but they make us want to fall asleep. Instead, we source fun rooms at cafe’s or co-working spaces that inspire our attendees to sit up and pay attention. There’s a magic in nice surroundings.

Secondly, we don’t serve crap food and watery coffee - we make sure the catering is premium, top-notch, the all you can eat type (read: no sad chicken salads) and the coffee is strong, creamy and delicious. Both these things add a significant cost to our expenses for each workshop, and we’ll gladly sing the values of making those decisions.

Next up, we generally fly to a destination, so we need to factor in travel expenses and staffing. We’ve got a small team down in Melbourne and they’ve got bills to pay too. And lastly, (perhaps most important of all) we believe in charging for the value of what you’re getting. Grace has worked in social media for almost ten years and has experience coming out of her ears. She’ll spend 1:1 time with you in each workshop, and she won’t rest until she knows you get it. So to us? $350-ish is a small price to pay in the grand scheme of social media marketing if it means learning how to create great content and gaining awareness and sales for your small business. If you don’t agree - we’d love to know why. Send us an email.


Can I bring a friend/business friend/colleague?

Yep! There’s a good chance you’ll be sharing the social media load with the co-owner of your small business, someone who works for your small business or know someone with a small business, so we created Double Passes so that we could share the social media learning, with the added bonus of saving 10% off the cost of two tickets (normally $698 per ticket). Friends who save together, stay together!


What if I can’t make a workshop/training day/service appointment?

That’s ok. If you’ve purchased a workshop ticket, you’re able to give it to a friend or transfer it to our next available date. Unfortunately, we don’t offer refunds unless we have to cancel a workshop. If you can’t make a training day or appointment, please just let us know as soon as possible, and we’ll try to work out a new date that suits everyone. You can have a read of our terms and conditions here.


Do you do discounts for not-for-profits?

YES. Please get in touch with us at for pricing.


What about logistics like dietary or accessibility requirements?

Right, so dietaries we can handle in that we can simply request that your meal is catered for, but accessibility is a little tricker due to the fact we’re in different venues around Australia. The best option is to email us and we’ll check directly with the venue for you.