Advertising & Sales Workshop: Facebook Business Manager Reference Videos


How to Save an Audience in Business Manager

Once you’ve created your cold audiences, and used Audience Insights to bulk out your audience interest targeting; it’s time to save your audience for quick reference. This video shows you how. Stay tuned for a later video on how to turn these Saved Audiences into Lookalike Audiences too.


How to use the Audience Insights tool for Audience Research

Once you have a little hunch of the key demographic information for your cold audiences (like age, gender, location), you can plug in some of the things you think your audience might be interested in, and see what data Facebook matches for you. This is a way of bulking out your interest targeting by allowing Facebook to help tell you what else your target audience is looking at on Facebook.


How to create your first Brand Awareness Ad

So, you’ve got your audience ready to go - and now it’s time to test them out. As you would have learned in our workshop, a Brand Awareness ad is the best place to start. Why? It’s the very start of your funnel to bring in some of your cold audience, and BA ads are very low-cost. Here’s how to create that first ad. Remember: keep it simple with one or two sentences about your business, and a nice image or video.


How to create your first Traffic Ad

Once you’ve started running Brand Awareness Ads, you can warm up with running a traffic ad to a website or a place where you’re hosting some additional information. Remember; you want people to take action on this one, so give them something to encourage them to click. And always double check the link before you hit confirm!