Instagram Engagement Calculator

Use our Instagram Engagement Calculator to find out how you’re doing..

But wait, what does it all mean?! What's a good engagement rate, anyway?

We're glad you asked. Here's our little benchmark guide so you can see where you're at. 

[NB: The average engagement across all industries on Instagram is 1.66%, according to this study, so keep that in mind!]


Less than 1% of your whole audience is interacting with your posts, so you need a helping hand. Boost your engagement by creating content your audience loves and optimising your posts to make sure you're reaching your target audience. 


You're doing alright, good work! But you could be doing better.. maybe you've got some great images and fun captions, but are you optimising to make sure you're getting the maximum amount of eyeballs on your content? 


Getting there! If you’re getting sales through Instagram, you’re at a point now where you can keep cruising along if you want. But, if you want to step it up, you know what to do! 


Keep doing what you’re doing, ninja! You’re at a point where your followers are lapping up your content.