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BEST FOR: those who want us all to themselves for targeted and tailored strategy and focus, plus a pre-session deep dive and custom social media strategy.

We’ll have a big old chat about where you’re at now, and we’ll send you a questionnaire to give us even more detail; then we get to work creating a custom social media strategy document for us to work through together; it’s part guide, part training manual (the holy grail!)

Next, we schedule your session/s and your work as the student truly begins — but don’t think you’re getting off easy! We send you away with actual homework to ensure that you’ve got some actionable steps to increase your following, enquiries and sales via your various social media channels. Plus, our coaching students have access to us whenever you need it via phone or email, so you’ll never feel alone in social media land.

What’s the deal?

Get personalised strategy advice with our one-on-one coaching packages, available in one, three or six session packs.

Why are we offering this service?

Well, you’ll know by now that social media is ever-changing and our #1 priority is to make sure your small business social media is helping grow you awareness, followers and sales. We also know that it’s 100% easier to get a task done with a little accountability and support.

Our social media coaching package offers just that, for those of you who are more comfortable in a one-on-one environment.

What’s included?

All the support and encouragement you’ll ever need (and some very handy discounts).

1. A custom, pre-prepared social media strategy that we work through together.
2. Social media coaching session/s in person or via Zoom.
3. Continual support over email or phone.
4. 30% discount on any workshop ticket (Tickets valued at $350.00)
5. 10% discount on our soon to be launched Social School Camp (Tickets valued at $2,800)
6. Access to the online course (Valued at $147.00)
7. Access to the entire resource library (as of 15th May 2019) (Valued at $578.00)
8. Access to a closed Q&A Group for any queries
9. Access to our workbooks, templates, downloads and step-by-step instructions anytime.
10. Monthly news straight from our inbox to yours, full of the latest social news, tips and how-to’s. 

How do I get started?

First things first, after you’ve decided how many sessions you need, we’ll send you a link to book in your first session - that’s where the fun starts.

Grace will give you a call to say hello, and we’ll send you a questionnaire so we can get all the details of where you’re at right now and what you want to get out of the coaching sessions.

In your first session, we work on an intention list for the month, along with troubleshooting any social media and marketing questions you may have after our workshop, and then we’re on our way. Here’s when we could go through any posts you’ve created, and work out which are best for your brand. Or, we could go over a Facebook ad, step-by-step. The choice is yours (we’ll guide you though)!

After each session, we'll provide you with a 'to-do' list designed to help you identify your priorities, and also point you in the right direction for any resources you might need.

Plus if you get stuck, you can join our monthly live Q+A, or jump on the phone. We're only ever a phone call away.


Coaching Options

Choose from one of our three options below, or get in touch for a custom cost.


Two Hours of Alignment

Spend 120 minutes with us deep diving into your pre-prepared custom social media strategy and leave feeling completely empowered to reinvigorate your social media with fresh content, new ideas and optimisation techniques to get those eyeballs on your profile and those fingers tapping ‘add to cart!’

Full inclusions listed above.

$499 once-off


3 Months of Guidance

The smaller commitment of our ongoing coaching option, our three month guidance package means you’ll have us on speed dial for 90 days so you can get your social media where it needs to be - with help and professional advice along the way. You get 3 x Zoom or in-person sessions, plus a whole lot more accountability and strategic thinking.

Full inclusions listed above.

$699 upfront or in monthly instalments


6 Months of Ongoing Support

For those who want some serious TLC, our six month support package is for you. You’ve got us to help you for over 180 days, and that means some serious accountability and growth lead by you and fuelled by us. This option means 6 x Zoom or in-person sessions PLUS a 30-minute 1:1 phone call mid-month to keep you well and truly on track.

Full inclusions listed above.

$1,299 upfront or in monthly instalments


Got questions? We’ve got answers. Get in touch.