The Essential Guide to Instagram Tags for Business


“Should I really bother with tagging my Instagram photos?”


We get it – there are a lot of ways to tag, and you’ve already spent ages crafting your posts so you just want to get them live. Fair enough. But did you know that, on average, posts that utilise tagging (as well as hashtags) have 57% more engagement than posts that don’t enlist these features? 🤯

So we’re here to tell you that tagging is the additional step that’s key to optimising your posts and spreading the word about your business with very little effort.

Tagging has multiple benefits:

  • It’s a great way to increase the reach of your business by associating it with other brands

  • Improving the connections in your social sphere will increase public awareness and spread the word about your business, which is super important for growth

  • By tagging a brand, a person or a location in an image, followers of that brand, person or location are able to see your post, which increases reach and improves engagement

You see, every post you create needs to be working hard for your business – whether that’s educating your audience about your product, running a competition or featuring an influencer or shop that promotes your brand – and tagging helps you achieve your goals of making that impact.

“Okay, they're important. What do I need to tag and how?” GOOD QUESTION!

Instagram has two types of tags: a Black Tag and a Geo Tag.


A black tag allows you to tag other accounts directly in the image you’re uploading.

Examples of black tagging include:

  • Reposting an image by someone who’s posted a photo of your product and then tagging them to give credit;

  • Showcasing the brand of clothing you’re wearing/coffee you drink/restaurant you visited so your followers know who it is.


To add a Black Tag an image:

Once you’ve selected your photo and applied any edits or filters you like, you’ll arrive to the final page where you enter your caption. Below this you’ll see a section that says ‘Tag people’.

When you click on that tab it will take you to a new page that shows you your beautiful image. At this point you tap on the image and type in the Instagram handle of the person, brand or business you want to tag.

To move this tag to the appropriate spot (this is a good idea if you’re doing more than one tag so they’re not all overlapping each other), press down on it and drag it to the desired spot.

Once you have positioned the tags to your liking, select done, and then bam – you’re ready to post your image.



Like the name suggests, Geo Tags are all about the geographical location of your image. This can be used to share your business location, the cafe or shop you visited, the park you held an event at… the list goes on. In short, it’s a great way to share where your business goes and what it does with your audience. Plus, it also features on the location’s page on Instagram, meaning if someone is searching for info about that particular place, they’ll see your image and could very well end up on your profile – another great way to entice people into looking at your brand.


To add a Geo Tag to an image:

At the top of a posted image you may see the location where an image was taken. This can be as broad as a country or city, or as specific as a business name. Once again you, as the user, can control what you share.

Like the black tags, adding a geotag is done through the final Instagram page before posting. Below the section labelled “Tag People” you’ll find “Add Location”.

Before you get started you’ll need to turn on your phone’s location services in your phone’s settings so it can complete your search. Once you’ve done this, the “Add Location” tab will list the locations that surround you, or, if your phone captures the location when you shoot your images, the surrounding spots where your image was taken. Not showing you the right option? Use the search bar to enter the location name, click the correct address or name.

Even easier than adding a black tag. Woot!


By linking your posts with other pages you’re increasing their reach (aka the amount of eyeballs it can potentially be seen by) and generating brand awareness, which makes tagging a positive and fundamental growth for your Instagram business profile.

Get on it!