Making Easy Graphics for Social Media

Have you ever wondered how many people actually read your Facebook and Instagram captions? You can pump out up to 2,000 characters for Instagram, and a whopping 63,206 characters for Facebook (read: insane), but that equates to diddly squat if people are passing you by – super sucky if you’re trying to get an important or timely message across quickly. Fun fact: users engage with posts that have shorter captions (below 300 characters for Insta and just 40 characters for Facebook). Bearing that in mind, cut through the social media’s image-based and caption-heavy content with a beautifully designed, well-timed graphic tile.

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Stephanie Rayner
How to Deal with Setbacks in Small Business

We hate to use cliches but they really do apply when it comes to dealing with small business setbacks. A setback can not only be shocking and painful, but also leave you completely bereft and unsure of how to continue moving forward with your venture. How to cope? How to fix it? How to get back on track!? We’ve got you. Read on below for our tips on how you can tackle the dreaded setback, cut through the overwhelm and transform your worst problem into a winning solution.

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Samantha Kodila
Tell the Story of Your Business with Instagram Stories

Last week it was Instagram Stories’ 2nd birthday – hip hip, hooray! 🎉 While this funky feature has only been part of Instagram for the last 24 months, it has rapidly evolved from a simple photo and video sharing tool to a business marketing dreamboat, creating an overall experience that’s fun, refreshing, and personal. Let us tell you a little bit about why Instagram Stories is hella great for your small business.

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Grace DormanComment